Structures around the Temple


Aradhana Bhawan

Just around the Temple is the Aradhana Bhuvan ment for Meditation, where people can come and meditate with full concentration and spend some peaceful time alone and forget all the hussel-bussel of the modern civilization. Rise above the normal level of existence.

The Gues House

This is the guest house ment for visitors of the Temple. There are 16 double occupany rooms available with all basic amenities provided.

The Office (Pedhi)

Main Gate

This main gate is built on beautifuly carved four pillars. Simply shows the richness of Indian Architectural art involved in every corner of the temple. Behind it is seen a partial view of the Jahaj Mandir (entrance and side of the Ship structure), and on the left is the water tank made available for pure drinking water for the visitors with a huge storage capacity.

Swamiji's Paglya

These are the "Pagliya" of Shri Kantisagar Suriji, placed in the basement of the Temple. The basement is still under construction.

Water Tank

The Water Tank made available for visitors with a huge capacity of storage of pure drinking water.