The Main Temple


The Main Temple consists of Seven deities.

The Shantinath occupies the centre place. The statue is made of "Panchdhatu" which means Five elements and is covered with a thick layer of Gold.

Shri Adinathji is placed on his left and Shri Vasupujyaji on his right. On the right as we proceed we find Mahaveer and Shri Shankeshwar Pashwaryaji on the extreme right. Where as towards the left after Adinathji we have Shri Sumatinathji and on the extreme left Shri Stambhan Pashwaryaji.

Shri Vasupujya ji

Shri Shantinathji Bhagwan

Shri Sumatinathji

Shri Stambhan Parswanathji

Shri Aadinath ji

Shri Mahaveer Swami

Shri Shankheshwar Parswanath ji